"Each generation takes the
earth as trustees.
We ought to bequeath to posterity as many forests
and orchards as we have exhausted and consumed."

-J. Sterling Morton



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Forest Carbon Offsets offered by WSC as part of CSR 26/01/10
WSC is teaming up
with Crowberry Energy to deliver a whole package of environmental and corporate social responsibility risk management services for businesses, including 14001, allowing companies to demonstrate their commitment to the environment thereby adding value to the business. Crowberry Energy evaluates the organisation's carbon footprint and assists in implementing a comprehensive carbon reduction strategy portfolio, which includes forest carbon offsets, managed by Woodland Stewardship, as well as carbon reduction and recycling. Contact us to determine how your company's social, ethical and environmental impacts can be managed.

"Guardians of our Great Forests - Shropshire Star Blogger, Lara Page reports on Woodland Stewardship 25/01/10
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PDF iconCombating Climate Change - A Role for UK Forests - The Synthesis Report 2009  24/01/10
An assessment of the potential of the UK's trees and woodlands to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Draft Code of Good Practice for UK Forest Carbon Offset projects 22/01/10
In April 2010, the Forestry Commission is due to launch the Code of Good Practice for Forest Carbon Offset Projects. The code will be the industry standard and is designed to regulate and ensure that best practice, accountability and transparency surrounding issues such as "additionality", "permanence" and "leakeage" are being applied in the forest carbon offsets voluntary market, and that double-counting does not arise.
PDF iconCode of Good Practice for Forest Carbon

FSC UK Approves new Trademark Standard 21/01/10
The Standard covers requirements for on-product labelling, promotional use and graphic rules.
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Cold Weather and Natural Mortality of Deer in the UK 21/01/10
As weather forecasters keep on reminding us, we are currently experiencing the most prolonged cold spell of winter weather for a generation.  Among our six main deer species, the two that may be affected most by these adverse conditions are the non-native Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer.   
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Stock Clearance - GPS and Hand-held used Survey Equipment for Sale 21/1/10
1 OmniSTAR Fugro 3000LR12 DGPS Receiver and Antenna used for surveying and GIS mapping. DGPS provides less than 1 metre accuracy). The equipment requires a paid uplink via Fugro to receive corrections from an array of GPS reference stations located around the globe (Not Included).

1 Itronix Fex21 (32Mb RAM) versatile, rugged and environmentally immune handheld computer utilizing the Microsoft Windows CE operating system. Has PocketGIS surveying and mapping software installed.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative Announces New Standard for Forest Certification in the New Year to include attention to biodiversity 21/01/10
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Wood exports carbon friendly: Study 20/01/10
Sustainable timber can be  positive over the life-cycle of its production and distribution to market – even when transported long distances by sea – a New Zealand forest industry emissions study claims. The study also concludes that sustainably-produced wood compares well in footprint comparisons with other construction materials such as steel, concrete and aluminium.
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2010 Applications invited for  the National Forest Changing Landscapes Scheme 20/01/10
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British Columbia  Interior Mountain Pine Beetle Report Impact and Outlook of BC Timber Availability and Wood Products Production March 2010 20/01/10
The mountain pine beetle (MPB) has devastated the pine forests of BC - one of the largest wood products producing regions in the world. This is becoming one of the world's largest natural disasters; causing North American shortages of timber and wood products.
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Forestry Commission backs Lancashire's biggest woodfuel project 19/01/10
A Christian holiday centre and bible school has become the first and largest organisation of its kind in Lancashire to switch its energy supply to woodfuel and take a step closer to becoming totally environmentally friendly.
The Commission is driving forward the development of woodfuel in England, to increase the output of wood by two million tonnes each year by 2020, enough to supply 250,000 more homes with energy.
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Inventory and Projections of UK Emissions by Sources and Removals by Sinks due to Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry, Annual Report, 18/01/10
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, University of Aberdeen, Forest Research Alice Holt, National Soil Resources Institute, Agri-Food & BiosCentre for Ecology & Hydrology - LULUCF Sciences Institute, Queen's University Belfast.
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Urgent call for round wood supplies 18/01/10
The recent exceptional weather has meant that some UK sawmills and processors are becoming desperately short of round wood supplies.

ConFor has held a series of meetings with Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) and the industry to identify what steps can be taken to keep supplies coming forward, and through the Timber Transport Forum regional network, close contact has been maintained with local roads authorities to identify key haul routes that once cleared have allowed some timber to be shifted. ConFor and FCS are very grateful for this cooperation.

Meanwhile the potential short fall of supplies is likely to continue for several weeks despite the current thaw (which brings its own problems with the increased likelihood of in-forest road damage). ConFor and FCS would encourage anyone who may have felling plans ahead, especially of readily accessible stands, to consider bringing them forward immediately, where there may then be an opportunity to realise some favourable prices for round wood.

FC conservancies have indicated their willingness to fast track felling activity for anyone who presently does not have a felling licence. It is in nobody’s interest if sawmills and processing plants are forced to shut down for want of supplies, and it is hoped that the growing sector can respond to the situation.

Bio-energy flagged as key to future forestry investments 18/01/10
CIBC (a North American Investment institution)  stated at the recent seventh annual natural resources forum in British Columbia, Canada, that bio-energy is likely to play a pivotal role in the future of the forestry investment industry.
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The 20-year forest carbon market has produced the bulk of its credits since 2007 18/01/10
The forest carbon market is now two decades old but the bulk of its 20-million-tonne contribution to carbon sequestration and emissions reduction has come in the last three years - despite the global financial crisis and recession.
Of the total historical volume, the over-the-counter (OTC) voluntary carbon market accounted for 15.3 MtCO2, and voluntary exchange-related trading on the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) saw 2.6 MtCO2 transacted. Forest credits generated for sale into the mandatory emissions markets accounted for the rest; 1.8 MtCO2 from NSW GGAS, 600,000 tonnes in Kyoto Protocol AAUs, 500,000 tonnes from Kyoto’s CDM A/R sector and 100,000 from New Zealand’s recently-begun emissions trading scheme.
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Global sawlog prices jumped almost 8% in the 3Q/09 because of improved lumber markets in the US 18/01/10
The recent upswing has been the result of a tighter log supply but also because of improved operating rates at many sawmills in both the US and Europe. The US, the Nordic countries, Central Europe the Baltic States and Russia have experienced the largest price increases (in the local currencies) over the past six months.
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PDF iconChicago Climate Exchange Trading Update 15/01/10 18/01/10

Forestry Commission joins forces with ConFor on climate change 15/01/10
The Forestry Commission and ConFor have agreed to work together to identify how the forestry and wood-using sector can best make a contribution to the transition to a low-carbon economy.
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Forest Carbon Markets 2009 - Full Report 15/01/10
Companies that rescue and restore forests to earn money by capturing carbon in trees likely expanded their operations in 2009, despite the global recession and regulatory uncertainty, capping three years of accelerating growth, according to the first-ever global survey of emerging markets in forest carbon.
PDF iconForest Carbon Markets 2009 - Full Report

Scottish Biomass Heat Scheme 3rd Round 15/01/10            In Scotland the third round of the biomass heat scheme has a closing date of 12 February 2010. Administered by FC Scotland, it aims to support small to medium-sized businesses looking to make the infrastructure changes necessary to tap into renewable heat for their premises. For more information visit;
Potential applicants are strongly advised to discuss their project at an early stage with the Scottish Regional Biomass Advice Network at http://www.usewoodfuel.co.uk/ContactUs.stm

DECC invites applicants for 1.5 million Bio-energy infrastructure grants in England 14/01/10
In England farmers, foresters and local authorities can apply for 1.5m grants to help develop the supply of biomass materials in England. The funding is part of round three of the bio-energy infrastructure scheme.
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6 New entrants placements required under the ForStart project in northeast England 14/01/10
Northwoods is delivering ForStart, a project funded by Landskills North East, to encourage new entrants from northeast England into careers in trees and timber. MORE….The project has places for six new entrants and any businesses interested in providing funded placements should express their interest by 25 January 2010. A week’s work experience is also being used to recruit suitable candidates onto the ForStart programme, date to be confirmed, at Chopwell Wood, near Gateshead. Contact: will@yorwoods.org.uk

The Times reports a huge increase in demand for timber in China, with implications for global timber prices.
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The EU Due Diligence Regulation and UK Producers 2009 14/01/10
The proposed Due Diligence regulation will require that operators placing timber on the EU market for the first time implement and run a ‘due diligence’ system to minimize the risk that the timber comes from an illegal source. This applies to timber originating from both outside and from within the EU. DEFRA asked ProForest to examine the potential implications of this draft regulation for smaller, more informally managed forests in the UK.
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Joint Venture or Lease on the England Public Forest Estate 13/01/10
The Government has included the possibility of a JV or Lease of some forests on the English PFE as part of the Frontline First initiative that the Prime Minister launched on 7th December. The reference to the PFE can be found on page 50 in the Operational Efficiency Programme document - available on this weblink http://www.hmg.gov.uk/frontlinefirst.aspx 
A background brief to the Operational Efficiency Programme is at Annex A. It is expected that a JV or Lease would apply to the commercial element of a limited number of forests, primarily in the north of England.
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State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2009 13/1/10
This report was created to answer fundamental questions about the voluntary carbon markets such as transaction volumes, credit prices, project types, locations, and the motivations of buyers in this market.
PDF iconState of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2009

Forestry and timber markets feel the winter chill in Scotland - 12/01/10
The exceptionally harsh winter conditions  across northern Europe at the end of last year and the beginning of 2010,  has had serious repercussions in the Scottish forestry and timber  sector. The timber supply chain there has almost ground to halt as the big freeze engulfed the region for an unusually prolonged period.
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‘Forest Carbon Offsetting Trends’ Survey 2009
EcoSecurities, Conservation International (CI), ClimateBiz and the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA) announce the findings of their ‘Forest Carbon Offsetting Trends’ survey 2009. Find out what 120 global, multinational and regional organisations' attitudes are to forest carbon projects in general. In addition the report also examines the motivating factors behind corporate decisions to purchase forest carbon offsets and the perceptions which organisations have regarding the additional community and biodiversity benefits that many forestry projects often provide.
PDF iconForest Carbon Offsetting Trends


Reducing Carbon Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation 7/01/10
Deforestation accounts for about 18 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions—larger than the entire global transportation sector. Without REDD, the widely endorsed goal of climate stabilization at a maximum 2C temperature increase will not be reached. The Government of Norway has made the inclusion of a mechanism for REDD in a post-2012 climate regime a policy priority in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) process.
PDF icon
Meridian Institute. 2009. “Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD): An Options Assessment Report.”

Forest Property Valuations Continue To Grow 7/01/10
investors are turning to the UK forestry sector as an tangible commodity that has stayed steady in an otherwise chaotic market place. While values may have declined slightly in recent months, the sector has not been hit as hard and, according to the latest Forest Market Report from UPM Tilhill and Savills, demand from timber investors is still increasing.

Investors are becoming attracted to this emerging market in particular because forestry investments out-performed both equities and commercial
property in 2008. Both of these asset classes saw total returns tumble to -29.9% p.a. and -22.1% p.a. respectively in the forest property market, whilst forestry returned 7%.

In the UK timber income generated from the ownership of commercial forestry is free of income and corporation tax. Forest grants are also tax exempt with the exception of annual grants paid under the Farm Woodland Premium Scheme.

The increase in value of timber through physical growth and timber price increases is exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT). Increases in the underlying land value is not exempt but can be indexed.

All commercial woodland qualifies for 100% business property (Inheritance Tax) relief, provided they have been held for two years.
PDF iconIPD UK Forestry Index Report 2009

Forestry Investments Blog 4/1/10

US Announces $1 Billion to Reduce Forest Emissions  2/1/10
US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has announced that the United States— joined by Australia, France, Japan, Norway, and the United Kingdom—agreed to dedicate a total of $3.5 billion toward slowing, halting, and eventually reversing deforestation in developing countries. This funding will help facilitate immediate actions in REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) for the years 2010-2012. According to the US Department of Agriculture, the funds will be available for countries that develop ambitious REDD+ plans for their forest sector, according to their respective capabilities.

UK IPD Index - 2009 30/12/09
The IPD Forestry Index is calculated from a sample of private sector coniferous plantations of predominantly Sitka spruce in mainland Britain. By the end of 2008 the 144 forests in the index had a total capital value
of 121.9m.
PDF icon
IPD UK Forestry Index Report 2009