I frequently tramped
eight or ten miles
through the deepest
snow to keep
an appointment with a
beech tree,or a yellow
birch, or an old
acquaintance among
the pines.

-Henry Thoreau,


NEWS - 15/08/2015          

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Generous Grants available for woodland owners looking to measure and market their timber in the west midlands 09/02/12
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The Global Sawlog Price Index reached a 16-year high in the 2Q/11; the biggest price increases occurred in Europe, Canada, Russia and New Zealand, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly Jan 2012
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Forecasting Stumpage Prices and Timberland Investment Performance Requires Local Knowledge of Wood Demand 17/10/11
Shifts in forest supplies and wood demand influence regional timber markets. The extent to which sub-regional markets, such as mill-specific wood baskets or property-specific timber markets, are influenced by regional or macroeconomic changes remains unclear.
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Global sawlog prices in the 3Q 2010 were almost back up to pre-crisis levels, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly 27/1/11
Sawlog costs for many sawmills around the world went up during 2010, and the Global Sawlog Price Index reached the highest level in over two years in the 3Q/10, according to the Wood Resource Quarterly. The biggest wood price increases occurred in Western US, Germany, Sweden and Northwest Russia.
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The Albedo Effect and its Effect on Afforestation Carbon Offset Projects
This article first appeared in the April 2010 edition of the “Quarterly Journal of Forestry”. The Official Publication of The Royal Forestry Society (England and Wales). It explains how, under some circumstances, location, land-use change and the effects these factors have on surface albedo, can result in afforestation projects being counter-productive and even lead to localised global warming due to positive radiative forcing.
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Final Version of No Trees, No Future Report 06/03/10
The report was released by the Trees and Design Action Group (TDAG) at the beginning of March. The guidance set out by TDAG is intended to inform decision making so that the right specimens of the right trees are planted in the right way in the right places and given the right aftercare and maintenance – trees can then truly be one of the urban realm’s greatest allies.
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