Forest Certification
Woodland Grants

"The woods were made
for the hunters of dreams"
Sam Walter Fox




Having a forest survey and valuation of a property whether you are looking to sell or purchase makes sound commercial sense.

Field Data Capture

The Woodland Stewardship Company Ltd, became the first forest management company in the UK to use laser technology to provide our clients with more accurate and cost-effective GIS data capture for forest inventories and mapping. Better data allows us to make more informed management decisions.

For standing timber inventory valuations we use “Procedure 9” from the publication Forestry Commission “Booklet 39 – Forest Mensuration Handbook.”

Forest Mapping

Forestry is complex, dynamic, and multidimensional. Mapping the forest allows us the  ability to clearly communicate spatially and achieve forest management planning goals.

With accurate mapping using hand-held Garmin DGPS in the field  and ArcView GIS we can manage your forest better.

GPS/GIS technology profoundly and positively impacts the way we manage forest resources. Accurate forest mapping and visualisation helps us to improve inventory, land administration, sustainable forest planning, timber sales, and more and therefore understand forest science, economics, and social principles. This way we will better care for the forest, reach your business objectives, and complete regulatory reporting requirements.